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Galerie Andreas Schmidt invites you to:


A Supper club dinner cooked for you by London based chef


Sebastian James 



Wednesday, 20.09.2017 (IMMERSIVE Food Experience)

Friday, 22.09.2017 (We LOVE Vegan)

Saturday, 23.09.2017 (BERLIN Supper Club)


Sebastian started cooking just after he could walk as you can see in the cute picture of him above (and a bit before he learned to ride). He loves nothing more than sharing his food and riding his motorbikes so if he wasn’t inviting you to enjoy some of his cooking, he’d probably invite you out for a spin. (Take the food, it’s much safer and tastier).


You’ll find him in his element here, whipping up a delicious selection of his creations for all to enjoy.


Here is a sample menu, illustrating the mouthwatering delights you can expect:




Berlin Supper Club Menu


Broccoli miso soup with toasted pumpkin seeds


Roasted chicken with a tarragon cream

Carrot and hijiki nimono

Pea and mushroom risotto

Ickle Pickle


Tart fruit





IMMERSIVE food experience: 


Designed to change your relationship with food and cooking while finding the joy that lurks in every meal.

Led by artist chef, Sebastian James.


The evening is designed to make food the star of the show instead of being an excuse to gather. We are the way we are because of food, and that truth is being lost as food gets taken for granted. We have given away the task of cooking to industry and don’t acknowledge the loss.

This experience will certainly rattle your cage and help you reconnect with how we’re fundamentally connected with everything we eat.

Bring an appetite and your sense of adventure.


Sebastian never feels more at home than in a kitchen or on a motorbike. He has cooked in some wild and exotic places from London to the Caribbean to LA. Recently, he started looking more seriously at our relationship with food and the impact it has on our lives as well as realising that we are losing our connection with food and cooking. All of his energy gets split between sharing his joy for everything about food and rebuilding our connection with it before it's too late, and then disappearing into the hills on one of his bikes.


The dates are (again):

Wednesday, 20.09.2017 (IMMERSIVE Food Experience)

Friday, 22.09.2017 (We LOVE Vegan)

Saturday, 23.09.2017 (BERLIN Supper Club)

Doors open at 7PM, dinner will be served at 8PM.

For our Vegan friends, the dinner event on Friday, 22.09.2017, will be a strictly Vegan extravaganza.


Tickets are strictly limited to 16 dinner guests per event to insure a truly exceptional evening at the gallery in a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere, surrounded by great art.

The cost per ticket is 35 Euro and includes a glass or two of wine (but not a whole bottle per person, we want you to get home safely) or beer and as much water as you can drink.

Please contact the gallery for number of seats (maximum of 2), your preferred date and payment options.

The gallery is located at Florastrasse 61, 13187 Berlin

(200 meters distance from Pankow station)

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