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Art and Economics in the Age of the Internet

Today, everybody’s life is permeated by images, captured by an endless array of automated and manual cameras. Events and non-events are recorded from a myriad of angles by a tireless network of drones, satellites, close-circuit cameras, and photographers. The economy of images, as well as the infinite array of documents uploaded to the web, offer unprecedented opportunities to reveal the workings of our world. But how do we navigate across this vast ocean of imagery and data? How can we give form to our discoveries? And how are our works recycled and reformulated in the fast-flowing currents of networked media?

In this lecture, Mishka Henner and Jonathan Lewis will present and reflect on their own strategies of appropriation, aggregation, and accelerated economies as ways to engage with all of the above, followed by a group discussion.

Monday, January 15, 2018,

ESMT Berlin, Schlossplatz 1, 10178 Berlin

Speaker: Mishka Henner, Artist
Speaker: Jonathan Lewis, Artist
Moderator: David Evans, Writer and Curator

Photo Copyright ESMT Berlin

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