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GESAMTBUCHKUNSTWERKSKULPTUR / Lodz Fotofestiwal / Lodz Book Museum, 2017

GESAMTBUCHKUNSTWERKSKULPTUR is a new word the artist Andreas Schmidt coined out of the three German words Buch (book), Skulptur (sculpture) and Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art, ideal work of art, universal artwork).


The artwork presents the entire series of 7"x7" books Andreas Schmidt self-published over the years 2008 to 2013 as a combined work of art.


All books are housed in a circular shelf (designed by the artist himself), resembling the look of a Kodak Carousel slide tray. The shelf itself is available in three materials: Walnut, Aluminum and Plastic, referencing three books Schmidt made within the series titled Walnut, Aluminum and Plastic.


The original Kodak tray accommodated up to 80 slides but Schmidt's version contains seventy-seven books, with four slots remaining empty.


This points to the idea that the series is, potentially, infinite but also deliberately incomplete. To view or order a catalogue of the books, please follow this link. 



Custom made circular walnut shelving unit housing 77 artist books (18 x18 cm), 136 cm diameter, Edition 3 + 1 AP

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