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Justin Stansfield


Justin Stansfield is an artist who continually struggles with the idea that he is not an artist.


His work is deceptively simple and childlike, yet the motivation behind the works are driven by socio-political and philosophical concerns. A long time is spent not making art, just thinking, reading, and doing normal life. He moves around a lot, not wanting to become too much the place he is in.


After graduating from University in the early-nineties Stansfield moved to London and became immersed in the life of a metropolitan city. There, he took courses in Set Design at Westminster College, and Philosophy at The University of East London with renowned philosopher Peter Cave.

Stansfield has said that the artist, as a product of society, is something the artist must not become, for then anything created will merely be an extension of the system.

Justin Stansfield’s work to date has been mainly focused upon navigating and side-stepping the powerful, one-way corporate communication which defines our culture.  

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