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Craig Havens

American-born artist Craig Havens (US/DE) explores the migration of traditional physical monuments into the ephemeral mediums of photographs, sound recordings and moving images - effectively disembodying the monument and allowing it to traverse space time.


Havens views a defining aspect of contemporary life as being a heightened sense of temporality. His work employs this perspective to present the viewer with opportunities for confronting transience and the improbability of existence. 


Work has been exhibited internationally in such venues among others as the Goethe Institute, Johannesburg, South Africa in 2012, Art Basel, Switzerland in 2013, Open Arts Foundation and United States Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria in 2014, Weserburg-Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen, Germany in 2015, and the Nanjing International Arts Biennale, Nanjing, China in 2016. He lives and works between Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California.

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