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Craig Havens, Game No. 4 (Fence Sitting), 2015

110 x 148 cm

Craig Havens, Game No. 2 (Wearing Masks), 2015

110 x 148 cm

Berlin Photography Residency #1



Course Days

31 August 2018 - 3 September 2018


Final Critique and Presentation of Work

3 September 2018

Maximum number of participants: 12


Beyond Photography: Toward A Sustainable Artistic Practice

A defining aspect of photography is that it possesses a technical imperative and a preoccupation with questions of process. Yet once the technical processes have been mastered what then? How can one navigate through seemingly uncharted personal creative waters and establish a mature artistic practice?

Galerie Andreas Schmidt will host an intensive residency course over one long weekend from Friday, 31.08.18 to Monday, 03.09.18 in Berlin for a select group of participants in order to address and support the  development of their artistic practice.

Led jointly by writer/curator David Evans (UK), artist Craig Havens (US) and gallerist/artist Andreas Schmidt (DE) this four day intensive course will assist participants in taking photographic practice beyond the edges of the camera frame.

The class will explore new ideas and inspirations in relation to lens-based artistic practice. Artists of all technical skill levels in photography are welcome and encouraged to apply including those working in diverse mediums.

The focus of this residency program will be on nurturing an individual creative practice that allows for multiple streams of expression with photography as a contextual element and not a restriction.

At the conclusion of the residency, participants will have been immersed in a wide range of inspiring contemporary references and had the opportunity to reassess their personal work while delving into fresh territory for their practice.


The residency program includes:

- group discussions providing examples of relevant established contemporary artists

- portfolio reviews and group presentations providing feedback on work from each student

- one-on-one review sessions for discussing each participant’s work and outlining future goals

- guest lectures and work reviews with Berlin-based arts professionals

- on-site studio visits to Berlin-based artists

- all-day tour of current Berlin exhibitions led by residency instructors

- presentation of final works produced during the course hung for critique in the gallery space


Submission Deadline

31 July 2018

Residency Fee

650 Euro* 

How To Apply / Selection Process

Submissions must be made by email to in the form of links to online portfolios only. Emails with attachments will not be accepted. Please write BERLIN RESIDENCY 2018, (name) in the subject line of the email. Within the body of the email please include a letter of introduction, a link to an online portfolio, and an abbreviated resume. We will make every effort to respond to each submission. 

*The residency fee does not include accommodation or travel 


Residency Instructors


David Evans (UK)


David Evans will be encouraging reflections on the multiple ways in which contemporary art is permeated by text. The starting point will be a consideration of art that uses text as an integral part of the work, for example The Bowery in two inadequate descriptive systems, created by Martha Rosler in the mid-1970s. However, the emphasis will be on text as a supplement to the artwork - the artist’s statement, the interview, the press release and the website, for example. Throughout, students will be encouraged to relate the issues raised to their own practice as artists.


David Evans is a British writer and curator, based in Berlin. Recent publications include Appropriation (2009), Critical Dictionary (2011) and The Art of Walking (2013). He is currently working on a new book about photo-appropriation in contemporary art. He has curated two shows for Galerie Andreas Schmidt: Adult Material (2016) and Perfect / Imperfect (2017). A third show at Galerie Andreas Schmidt opens later this year. Called Deadpan, it presents artists inspired by Buster Keaton.  



Craig Havens (US)

Craig Havens is a visual artist, lecturer and researcher who lives and works between Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California. His artistic practice explores the migration of traditional physical monuments into photography, video installation, sculpture and sound – effectively disembodying the monument and allowing it to traverse space and time. During this residency he will focus on presenting the layered histories and opportunities available to artists working in Berlin and how one can apply countermonumental strategies to their creative practice.


Havens' work has been exhibited internationally at Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Belgium, Weserburg-Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen, Germany, the Armory Biennial, Los Angeles, California, the Goethe Institute, Johannesburg, South Africa, Vitrine 21 Gallery, Brussels, Open Arts Foundation and United States Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria, the Nanjing International Arts Biennale, Nanjing, China, Heritage Arts Space, Hanoi, Vietnam, and Triennale Brugge, Belgium.

Andreas Schmidt (DE)


Andreas Schmidt will help to guide artists who are interested in working with commercial galleries and photo publishers by assessing individual artists' work alongside a general lecture about the subject of photo and art books.


Are you interested in working with a commercial gallery but don’t know how to tackle this process? What should you expect when working with a commercial gallery?  Do you want to publish your own photography book but do not know how to go about it? Every gallery is structured and operates slightly different, yet there are general approaches that most galleries adhere to. Andreas Schmidt will give artists an overview into how the commercial gallery and publishing world functions.


Andreas Schmidt worked as an artist with a number of mainstream publishers (Booth-Clibborn, Laurence King, Hatje Cantz) as well as having self-published his own artist books. He opened Galerie Andreas Schmidt in March 2016 to exhibit emerging and established contemporary art and photography.

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